African ecosystems between degradation and restoration. What you keep in memory, will shape the future

Author: OSS

Published in: June 2022


Theme: land management

Type: Atlas

ISBN: 9-789-938-933-13-0


Africa's diverse and rich ecosystems provide services that are essential to sustaining life. Their management is now at the heart of political issues. The economic, social and environmental value of ecosystems have come to the forefront of the collective consciousness.
This book is based on numerous works, data and information, documents and reports from national, regional and international institutions, research and development organizations as well. It addresses the potentials, issues and challenges of natural ecosystems in Africa, their state of degradation and the techniques and practices for their restoration. Its approach is that of global sustainability and aims to provide a credible and up-to-date reference of the available knowledge to build on and that would allow all stakeholders to adopt well-considered decisions and actions for the conservation and restoration of these ecosystems at the local, national and regional levels.