Adaptation to Climate change in the North Africa Sahel region

Author: Sahara and Sahel Observatory

Published in: 2023


Theme: Climate change

Type: Plaidoyer



The present advocacy was developed by the Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS), in collaboration with the French Development Agency (AFD), as part of their joint capacity and knowledge building actions, and aims to support decision-makers in understanding the adaptation concept besides its relevance in combating the climate change effects. It precisely focuses on how adaptation measures could impact ecosystem restoration in the Maghreb and Sahel regions.

It is established with the aim of providing well-defined solutions and recommendations and will help disseminate valuable information that can benefit all relevant adaptation and ecosystem stakeholders in both regions and thus strengthen their knowledge and prospects.

It therefore sheds light on the concept, in order to make a contribution to the development of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and more ambitious National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) emphasizing ecosystems, helping plan climate change adaptation projects and access climate finance and offering solutions to ecosystems preservation and restoration.