Enhancing Food Security in African agriCultural Systems with the Support of REmote Sensing

Author: Sahara and Sahel Observatory

Published in: 2022

Project: AfriCultuReS

Theme: Environmental monitoring and biodiversity

Type: Studies and reports

ISBN: 978-9938-933-34-5



Agriculture is a key contributor to food security and the economy in Africa. In a context of climate change and variability, accurate, early and spatially referenced agricultural information, has become vital for decision-making. Their production and dissemination is a real challenge that the  relevant authorities must take on in order to provide the various stakeholders (decision-makers, planners, researchers, producers, exporters, etc.) with reliable agricultural data and information. 

The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the African Union's Agenda 2063 have both shown the need to value geospatial technologies and Earth Observation in order to have reliable information at various scales and at lower cost. The efficient integration of geospatial  technologies in decisionmaking processes depends on the analysis of the challenges, opportunities and prospects likely to make African countries invest more in Earth Observation.