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Duration of the project

5 years


Transboundary water management

Total budget

14,000,000 USD


The Mono River communities

Countries concerned
Benin, Togo

Strengthening adaptation and resilience to climate change through integrated water resources management

The natural resources of the Mono River watershed are highly important for the economic structure and development of the riparian countries.

However, the target area faces major challenges to meet the growing development needs and to fully contribute to improving the socio-economic conditions of the communities.

The most important challenges relate to the significant environmental degradation of the watershed which is greatly exacerbated by the effects of climate change having direct and indirect impact on rural populations.

The main objective of the project :

  • Strengthening the resilience of vulnerable communities in the Mono River watershed through the development of adaptation capacities to recurrent floods and the promotion of the sustainable and equitable use and management of water resources and related ecosystems.

The specific objectives are :

  • Ensuring long-term monitoring of climate risks through the production of reliable scientific data and information at local, national and transboundary levels in the Mono River basin 
  • Developing and implementing a regional flood early warning system to reduce disaster risk to vulnerable communities 
  • Implementing concrete adaptation actions to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable rural populations 
  • Strengthening the institutional and technical capacities of the Mono Basin Authority and its stakeholders

The expected results are :

  • The tools to provide effective and sustainable responses to extreme climate risks and adaptation to these phenomena are implemented through the use of quality data and information 
  • The availability of water resources and ecosystem services is improved and the diversification of livelihoods and incomes of vulnerable communities is enhanced
  • Knowledge is valued and the operational capacities of the target stakeholders are strengthened making it possible to meet the climate change challenges.



Financial partners
  • Adaptation Fund - AF
Technical partners
  • Global Water Partnership West Africa - GWP/WA
  • Mono Basin Authority - MBA

Key Achievements