Climate Finance Access in Libya: OSS Promotes Coordination and Capacity Building for Stakeholders

As part of the Readiness-Libya II project, the Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS) organized a consultation and capacity-building workshop aiming to establish a coordination and non-objection mechanism, operationalize the National Designated Authority (NDA), and provide substantial support for the preparation process of the first Libyan Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

This Third workshop, taking place in Benghazi from the 7th to the 9th of August 2023, is the continuum of the two-antecedent capacity-building sessions held consecutively in Tripoli (May 2023) and Tunis (June 2023).

Over the course of three working days, this workshop provided an opportunity to introduce, analyse and endorse the proposed coordination and non-objection mechanism for GCF projects in Libya, considering both local context and international standards. Additional topics including the strategic framework for climate change in Libya with respect to incorporating the NDA intervention, responsibilities of the Libya NDA, internal organization structures, and the methods for project screening in preparation for approval, were also discussed.

Furthermore, the workshop facilitated the presentation and validation of the operational manual designed for the Libyan NDA. It also involved the adoption of a comprehensive roadmap and workplan to effectively implement and operationalize the NDA in the coming months.

The training workshop focused on creating an initial project portfolio for GCF, encompassing both adaptation and mitigation strategies. Participants will then engage in a simulated evaluation of these projects, applying the proposed assessment methodology for non-objection issuance. Additionally, this training presented an opportunity to start building the capacities of NDA members in the process of NDC preparation as the primary strategic framework for climate change, which guides the alignment of projects with national priorities.