Field visit to southwest Mauritania (Trarza region) June 11 - 13, 2021

Trarza, Mauritania

As part of the GMES&Africa project, the University Centre for Mapping & Remote Sensing (UCMRS) affiliated with Al-Assriya University of Nouakchott organized a field mission to the Trarza region in southwest Mauritania on June 11 - 13, 2021.

The mission made it possible to collect in-situ data on the different types of natural landscapes & agricultural areas in the Senegal River valley & gave the opportunity to the UCMRS team to check the current state of agricultural plots & the phenological stages of the different crops of the season such as paddy rice, eggplant, watermelons as well as the invasive vegetation such as typha & prosopis.

The GPS-collected map data will be used & integrated into the MISBAR & MISLAND platforms, developed within the framework of the GMES&Africa project.

These data would help study natural resources through the exploitation of archives of free satellite images like Sentinel2 & Landsat8 which provide spatial indicators on water, soil & vegetation.

This fieldwork will contribute to the calibration of satellite data & the automation of image processing techniques through the development of land cover maps based on real observations.