The AdaptWAP project supervision mission in Niger has been successfully completed


The climate change effects are making the riparian communities of the park increasingly vulnerable. The #AdaptWAP project aims to strengthen the sources of income for young people and women and preserve the unique fauna diversity in the region.

As part of an AdaptWAP project supervision mission, an OSS delegation, led by Mrs. Khaoula JAOUI, Climate Department Coordinator and Project Implementation Manager, paid Niger a working visit from June 14 to 15, 2021 to meet with the General Directory of Water and Forests (GDWF) project team.

The purpose of this 1st supervision mission is to assess the compliance between the activities, the results achieved, the forecasts and the expectations of the project, and to make suggestions and recommendations for adjustment measures if necessary.

The OSS delegation was received by Mr. Ibrou ADAMOU, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of the Environment and Desertification Control, who attended a presentation of the mission and its objectives.

Work sessions were held with Mr. Ibrahim MADOUGOU, national coordinator of the Niger component, and his team. The sessions focused on the project status and evaluated the progress of the achievements on the one hand, and presented the main risks and difficulties encountered by the project team on the other hand.

The mission took end with the restitution of the main recommendations and the discussion over the action plan for the 2nd year of the project.

Group photo | From left to right: Mr. Adel REKIK, internal auditor (OSS), Mr. Balla MAMANE, Procurement and Contracting Manager, Mr. Aziz BELHAMRA, Project Management Officer (OSS), Mr. Djibo AMADOU, Accountant, Mrs. Khaoula JAOUI, Climate Department Coordinator (OSS), Mr. Ibrahim MADOUGOU, National Coordinator of the Niger Component and Mr. Louis Evence ZOUNGRANA, GIS and Remote Sensing Expert (OSS)