Exchanges between the Executive Secretary of the OSS and the Minister in charge of the Environment and Sustainable Development of the Central African Republic, July 15, 2021


First technical exchanges with the Central African Republic, a new member country of the Sahara & Sahel Observatory.

During this meeting, H.E. Mr. Thierry KAMACH, Minister in charge of the Environment & Sustainable Development was accompanied by Mr. Martin NDJIKI, Chief of Staff, Mr. Cléoface L. MABESSIMO, National Biodiversity Coordinator & Mr. B. ZANGA, Research Officer inresource mobilization.

This meeting was an opportunity for Mr. Nabil BEN KHATRA, Executive Secretary of the OSS to officially welcome the Central African Republic whose membership was confirmed during the last General Assembly in November 2020 & to initiate technical discussions for the development of future areas of collaboration & partnership.

The 2030 strategy components were also presented, emphasizing the multidisciplinary nature of the OSS intervention & the technical role of the Organization, for the benefit of all its member countries. The OSS representatives reconfirmed being totally ready to provide assistance for the teams of the Ministry, in particular in the preparation of project proposals consistent with the CAR national strategies, the organization of training sessions on different environmental topics, & the development of thematic maps & more particularly the Land Use one.

Mrs. Fatou Mar, Land Department Coordinator at the OSS, took the meeting to inform the participants about the Central African Republic integration in the second phase of the OSS-coordinated Copernicea project.